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Summer Style Modest Outfit + Makeup

So far my summer hasn’t gone exactly according to plan I have gotten some things done that I originally had wanted to do, so it isn’t all bad. One thing that hasn’t been getting done seems to be blog posts but here I am! Because the last outfit guide I did for summer (called Cool (+Modest) Summer Outfit and Makeup Inspiration ) was so popular I thought it might be fun to continue that and share more outfit and makeup inspiration for summer with a modest twist.


So first up is the outfit. While it has been a little hot for an outfit like this I tried to make an outfit that could at least stand some of the heat even if it’s completely covered. More importantly though I was looking for styles and trends that are hot this summer that are doable for a more conservative look.

Tank – Pineapple anything is so in this year that of course I needed to add a printed tank to this outfit. I was pretty lucky to find a high neck line and while this is a crop top I kept it modest by pairing it with high waisted pants.

Jeans – High waisted jeans are 100% my thing and this pair is no exception. The medium wash goes well with so many things and I love that the knees while ripped are actually patched which is an easy way around some dress codes.

Shoes – Mary Jane shoes are a style I like but that are often hard to pair. However they go great with this look even if it is casual. To fit it in just cuff the jeans and you’re good to go.

Bag – I wanted to add in a little more yellow to fit in with the pineapple print so I was happy to find this yellow bag. The bow is a fun touch on a classic bucket bag style that is so in right now.

Cardigan – Last but not least is this beige colored cardigan. Since it’s light colored it is perfect for summer. I especially like the longer length and big pockets.


For this look I really wanted to add some summer makeup/beauty in addition to the outfit for a full look. Of course your personal makeup style will probably effect how heavy of a hand you’d apply these products with, it is just a guide.

Eyeshadow – I was a little disappointed in the lack of yellow eyeshadows (that weren’t neon) but finally came upon this MAC palette. A combination of the last row would be a gorgeous with so many different styles.

Eyeliner – Gel eye liner has been my go to now that I’m looking for darker eyeliner looks. Application can be a little hard at first but after a little practice I have to say it is better than felt or pencil for most looks.

Highlighter – Rainbow highlight is perfect for a summer look and this little one is so pretty.

Perfume – Last but not least is this coach perfume. You might have seen it on my instagram ( @hannamarielei ) if you follow me there. The scent is perfect for summer.


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