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ColourPop Waffle Highlighter Trio, Review

As promised here I am with a makeup review. This one is especially good because it’s all about a set of makeup that’s very much a necessity in the trend department and from a brand that I absolutely love. That would be the highlighters from ColourPop specifically their Waffle Highlighter Trio that I was sent as a PR sample.

Starting out with the packaging this set comes in a cardboard box with a pretty ombre coloring and the brand name in gold. Inside are the three highlighters, individually packaged. I did find it a bit hard to get them out without ripping the box and actually used a pencil to push them through. The packaging on each consisted of a basic white cardboard where you can see the color underneath and it has the product color name and the ColourPop name. Inside of those I was impressed to see the that each highlighter had a quality plastic contain with a clear twist off lid, and by how beautiful they are.


Scrumptious – a pearlized silver baby pink, originally I was a little confused by this one because I thought it was a shimmering blush but after swatching it I saw it is absolutely gorgeous and way lighter than I expected.

Glazed – Tie Dye Soft Ivory Glow, again this is one you have to see on before judging. It is a more natural every day highlighter that I’ve been using non stop.

Flexitarian – Pearlized intense white champaign, for a more dramatic look this one is the way to go.

Verdict: Other than a slight packaging issue, this trio of highlighters from ColourPop is amazing. They apply easily and are super pigmented (for lack of a better word) with minimal fallout and great wear time. The set was originally $20 (on sale for $16 now) and is recommended for light to medium skin. If you’re looking for a good highlighter that is consistent and doesn’t cost a whole lot then this Waffle Trio from ColourPop is the way to go.



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