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Colored Pencil Painting Portraits, Book Review

Colored Pencil Painting Portraits by Alyona Nickelsen

Master a Revolutionary Method of Rendering Depth and Imitating Life

About the Book:

Colored pencil painter Alyona Nickelsen reveals how to use the medium to push the limits of realistic portraiture.

Colored Pencil Painting Portraits provides straightforward solutions to the problems that artists face in creating lifelike images, and will prime readers on the intricacies of color, texture, shadow, and light as they interplay with the human form. In this truly comprehensive guide packed with step-by-step demonstrations, Nickelsen considers working from photo references versus live models; provides guidance on posing and lighting, as well as planning and composing a work; discusses tools, materials, and revolutionary layering techniques; and offers lessons on capturing gesture and expression and on rendering facial and body features of people of all age groups and skin tones.

My Thoughts: Lately I’ve been all about art books like Foundations of Drawing and Manga Art, Book Review so it probably isn’t a surprise that I was interested in reviewing Colored Pencil Painting Portraits when it was offered to me for review. Unlike the previous books I’ve reviewed in addition to having art inspiration it does have drawing steps so you can see the process come to life. It has so many tips throughout that you’ll want to read it cover to cover.


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