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Perspective in Action, Book Review

Perspective in Action by David Chelsea

About the Book: Using a fun and accessible graphic novel format, Perspective in Action features 33 easy-to-follow demonstrations to teach artists the major discoveries in perspective.

Perspective is a fundamental element in the development of art and for understanding spatial relationships, but it is an underserved topic in the world of art instruction. Author and artist David Chelsea takes readers through the major perspective-related developments in history, teaching them how to re-create these same experiments by leading artists in all fields (including drawing, painting, and sculpture). Covering a wide-range of mediums (pen and ink, paint, chalk, digital art, woodwork, and more), Perspective in Action gives readers a more hands-on approach to perspective, as opposed to the usual theoretical presentations found in other books.

My Thoughts: Another art book! If you’ve been checking out my book reviews  you’ve probably noticed I’ve done a few others like Manga Art, Book Review and Colored Pencil Painting Portraits, Book Review so to keep with my theme (or more like my current interest). The first thing I noticed was unlike a lot of art books I’ve seen this really is a step by step book. I love that it reads like a comic book and has so much information, presented in a fun way. While I originally thought it was just for beginners there are a ton of tips that even more advanced artists could learn from. Overall a great art book, perfect for a variety of artist wanting to learn more about how to create perspective in their art.


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