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High Low Dress in the Rain

Time for an outfit post! A little over a week ago I ordered this dress pretty much site unseen. Since Amazon (where it came from) has free returns I figured it wouldn’t be any big deal if I didn’t like it but when I tried it on I loved it. So of course my friend and I went out to immediately take photos in it. Unfortunately it started raining just after we arrived so we didn’t get too many photos. DSC_4061DSC_4073

Dress – While I absolutely love this dress (I think the brand is Shein) I do wish that I’d ordered a sized down. I like the loose fit but I’m afraid it is a little too loose, and almost feel like I should wear something underneath it. The high low is so pretty and easy to wear but my favorite is the yellow flowers embroidered all over it.

Shoes – Every blogger is talking about the Nordstrom Sale (with all their reward style links) and while I’ve found it completely annoying I’ll admit I did find something with the early access. They’re a little bit wide but these sandals are exactly what I was looking for. And they ended up being really cheap!


and there we go! Sorry for the coloring and graininess in the photos. The area is usually shaded by trees but with the storm it was even worse. I just had to share with you though!


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