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The Cover Story, Book Review

The Cover Story by Deb Richardson-Moore

A fatal crash involving two college students heading home for the holidays seems like an unfortunate accident. But when the surviving girl wakens, she tells a curious story of the vehicle that forced them off the road – an old-fashioned, 1950s-style hearse. Reporter Branigan Powers delves into the mystery that takes her to the college campus, and leads her into dangerous fraternity and sorority pledge parties. Reunited with the homeless Malachi Martin, who is so adept at seeing what isn’t there, rather than what is, Branigan must uncover what is really going on at the college, before other students are put in danger.

My Thoughts: First of all I want to start by saying The Cover Story is a great mystery novel. I am very happy to have received it to review. Reading, you get so many pieces of the mystery and I had a lot of fun trying to piece them together on my own before the end of the book, it really makes you think! While The Cover Story is the second book in a series you really don’t need to read the first one to enjoy this one. The setting is so well don and all the characters are great. Best of all this book is written without any content inappropriate for preteen readers so they’d enjoy it too.


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