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Green Tree Jewelry

I’ve been an admire of Green Tree Jewelry for quite awhile now so when they offered me a few of their earrings to review of course I immediately said yes. While they did send me a selection of their choice I can say that I love each pair!

Before I get into the products I have, if you haven’t heard of Green Tree Jewelry, they’re a company that sells products made from wood and cut using a laser cutter. While this is often earrings they also sell bracelets (I’m loving the Pride one), clocks, coasters, and even switch plates that are all made of wood. But lets get back to the earrings.


First up is this Ocean Pearl design, which you might have seen on my instagram. They have the pretty image on the front and a wooden back, both of which are so unique looking.


Profile Sugar Skulls – While Green Tree Jewelry has quite a few cool skull designs this pair is perfect for Dia de los Metros. I love the vibrant design.

DSC_4170Last but not least the pair of earrings I haven’t yet had a chance to share on instagram, the Pineapple Earrings. I have worn the pair and gotten so many compliments that I know they aren’t just a favorite of mine.

Thanks again to Green Tree Jewelry for letting me review a few of their pieces, and if you’re wondering why I didn’t do photos of me wearing them it’s because my “photographer” is on vacation and my skills aren’t quite good enough for that. Plus I wanted to share the details on the earrings!


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