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Floral Dress + Black Wig at Holiday Park

Sometimes it’s amazing how one little thing can change your look so much and that’s exactly how I feel with this outfit! It was a whole lot of fun playing “dress up
with such a different look! While I did do a little bit different with my makeup (mostly just a heavier hand and darker) that was really just to keep from being completely over powered by the wig.

So here are a few photos from the day!


Oh and if you think this area looks familiar that might be because you’ve seen another #ootd with this backdrop, High Low Dress in the Rain. Although these photos were actually taken WAY before those, both at Holiday Park, I kind of misplaced this set for awhile.  It’s too bad because that day we were actually able to spend a little bit of time at the park on the trails, even making it back to the stream towards the back.

For my outfit I’m wearing a simple dress that came from Amazon. I think it was only like $20 and although it ran a little bit big I decided to keep it anyway because it’s incredibly comfortable. Since it is sleeveless I then paired it with a denim shirt that I like and rolled up the sleeves on that. I probably didn’t pick the best shoes for hiking but since the trails were all well worn dirt paths my Keds were fine.



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