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Updated (Unconventional) Vanity Tour

Quite awhile back I’ve done room tours of my space but since it’s been awhile I thought it would be fun to do an updated look at a little bit of my area. So today I’m sharing my very unconventional vanity and a few products that I’ve gotten recently that I wanted to spotlight.

Starting with the wooden box everything, that’s actually a recycled pallet DIY I did a few years back. Inside I keep a lot of winter clothes and shoes so they aren’t taking up space in my closet. On the side I keep all my electronic beauty things from my laser hair removal tool (that sort of works) to my curling iron.


While this isn’t all my makeup I keep the things I use the most in this clear acrylic box and the skin care products I use in the red bag. The bag was actually a gift from Kinzd. It’s waterproof and big enough to put all my skincare and makeup travel essentials. You can get one HERE.


On the left hand side I need a few funny things like these kitten note cards and some less used but still worth keeping out makeup. In the back I put my makeup brushes (scroll down for a better photo of them) and makeup palettes. Oh and of course the very cute wooden mouse.


So here’s a better photo of the makeup bag and my makeup brush kit that comes with a PU Leather Roll that’s super chic, and you can get it off of amazon HERE.


Last but not least is the fragrance I’ve been using everyday, the Jimmy Choo spray in 3.3 oz. The bottle is so pretty that I love keeping it out and the scent is one of my favorites. It was given to by the people over at who have so many designer fragrances for way below department store prices.


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