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The Unreformed Martin Luther, Book Review

The Unreformed Martin Luther by Andreas Malessa

Will the real Martin Luther please stand up?

After five hundred years of examining the life of the “father of the Reformation,” we must surely know all there is to know about Martin Luther. But is that true?

Did he really nail his Ninety-Five Theses to the church door?

Did he throw an inkpot at the devil?

Did he plant an apple tree?

Did his wife escape her convent in a herring barrel?

German radio and television journalist Andreas Malessa looks at the actual history of Luther and concludes that many of the tales we know best are nothing but nonsense.

Diving gleefully into the research, Malessa investigates many of the falsehoods and fallacies surrounding the reformer, rejecting them in favor of equally incredible facts. Full of humor and irony, this book educates and entertains while demonstrating a profound respect for Luther’s life and mission.

If you’re looking for the truth of the man behind the theses, come discover his faith and influence–with the myths stripped away.

About the Author: Andreas Malessa is a theologian, author, and lyricist, most recently for the musical Amazing Grace. He and his wife live near Stuttgart and have two grown daughters.

My Thoughts: I originally decided to review this book (I requested it from the publisher in exchange for review) because of the fun cover. I know they always say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but in this case I couldn’t help myself, and I was pretty interested in finding out more about Martin Luther. First of all I have to start by saying this isn’t a history book in tone or thought process it’s meant to be fun, just like the cover. It talks about medieval life (I think that gave a nice perspective), and I love the myth busting they do. This is a great read for anyone wanting to know a little more about the man himself.


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