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Guide To a Victorious Rave


If you’re here maybe you’re probably looking for some tips for an upcoming rave. Maybe it’s your first time going to one, or you previously went to one and didn’t have the best time. Or maybe you’re an expert at raves but you want to introduce some friends to going and don’t really know how to explain to them what happens.

  1. Go with a  Group – For your safety (especially if you’re a female) go with a group! While it is possible to make friends at the rave and hang out with them, it’s so much better to go with a group that you can trust. Be sure that you’re using the buddy system just like your parents suggested when you were you and have a checkpoint.

2.  Dress to Impress. – The site I absolutely love shopping for rave wear is  they have a huge selection and so many fun pieces. If you’re new to raves then one section you might especially be into is the outfits, where you can see a whole put together rave outfit and buy any or all of the pieces. I recently got their Aries Goddess Booty Shorts and just love them. Not only is the design cute (as you can see) but the quality is so good!

3.  Put the Phone Away! – Like a lot of people I absolutely love using my phone. Everything from getting directions, to contacting my friends and of course taking photos. However sometimes it’s way better to live in the moment and you really don’t want to rely on your phone because batteries run out and things get stolen.

4.  Be Open to Having Fun – Just like the tip about not using your technology (too much!) this one is about getting out of your comfort zone. It’s a lot more fun if you go into a rave ready to try new things and explore. And with that note know that I’m not advocating you to do anything illegal or unsafe.

5.  Know the Rules – Different raves have different rules and before going it’s really important to know what these are. You can find these online and they’ll tell you everything from if you can bring water bottles and kandi bracelets or if you have to leave those items behind.



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