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An Asian Harvest, Book Review

An Asian Harvest by Paul Hattaway

An autobiography by Paul Hattaway, a high school dropout from New Zealand whose love for God and commitment to the peoples of Asia has led him to provide 10 million Bibles to China alone, and to sponsor more than 1500 Asian missionaries through the ministry Asia Harvest. Paul is a gifted speaker, but in obedience to God he has focused for many years on his writing, notably telling the story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun in his book The Heavenly Man, which has sold over one million copies and been translated into nearly 50 languages.

My Thoughts: I received this book for review from the publisher and was pretty excited to read it because of The Heavenly Man. Luckily it was as good as I expected it to be. It’s Hattaway telling his own story for the first time. From his conversion to smuggling bibles into China he talks about God guiding him the whole way. It offers up so many choices that were made and can really make someone think about their own life and beliefs in the West. A great inspirational book that’ll make you think about what you’re doing.


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