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Sweet Potatoes, Book Review

Sweet Potatoes by Mary-Frances Heck

Roasted, Loaded, Fried, and Made into Pie

60 next-level sweet potato recipes that call on new techniques and bold flavors—like chilies, coconut milk, and chocolate—for flavorful takes on this delicious superfood.

Mary-Frances Heck is a freelance food editor and contributor to Lucky Peach. Her recipes and writing have appeared in numerous cookbooks and magazines including Bon Appetit, Saveur, Cooking Light, Redbook, Rodale’s Organic Life, Fitness, Rachael Ray Every Day, SELF, and SHAPE.

 My Thoughts: As you probably know I absolutely love cooking and with that comes reading cookbooks for new ideas! Luckily it seems to be the season for such books again (Book Review: The Essential Instant Pot Cookbook was the last one!) so I’m here with another review, this one for Sweet Potatoes thanks to the publisher for giving me a copy to do so.

To start with I absolutely loved the cover of this book but since there wasn’t really a very good summary of the book I wasn’t all that sure what I was getting into! Starting with looks it is on the smaller side, but has so many sweet potato recipes. This book as a wonderful introduction that explains selection, storage, cleaning and butchering before going into how this book judges size of potatoes. Then the types (I didn’t know there were so many!) and complimentary ingredients which is great for going your own way. I loved the versatility of the recipes, and that they were easy to follow. With great recipes and gorgeous photograph the Sweet Potatoes by Mary-Frances Heck is a nice recipe book to have.

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