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DIY Pop Characters (Superman + Batman)

As you can probably see by either the title or featured photo I have a DIY project to share with you guys. It’s Pop characters made out of toilet paper rolls and construction paper, that actually turned out super cute. I didn’t get a ton of photos, but it should be easy enough to do with even limited models.


Okay so first of all you’ll have to get the cardboard piece you’re going to use. I used a toilet paper roll for mine but if you want yours to be taller you can always use a paper towel roll and cut it down to size, it’s a bit of personal preference and what character you’re making.  From there you’ll get started layering the paper for your super hero.


Adding the skin layer is very easy and extremely forgiving because you’ll have the outfit over the bottom and the hair on the top. The one that I had an issue with is adding the hair. I actually measured out a length I thought would be acceptable before doing any cutting, shaped it in a Clark Kent style and then ended up trimming it more before adding it to my pop art hero. IMG_4223

Adding the main piece of the suit was easy but adding the accessories was a bit of a different story. While the belt and tights looked okay I wasn’t at all happy with the Super S, mostly because of my lack of artistic skills. On the batman I decided to simply print it out and glue on the actual bat so I wouldn’t have to freehand and was much happier with the results. Once that was done I glued on dots for the eyes and mouths rather than draw them so I could have a little editing control if need be. Then to finish up I put on the capes with just a bit of glue at the top edge and put them for display on my desk.

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