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Deeds of Darkness, Book Review

Deeds of Darkness, by Mel Starr

To bring justice, Master Hugh must foil the corrupt power of great men

Many medieval scholars discontinued their university studies before completing their degree. Some lacked funds; others became bored with a scholar’s life. Occasionally these young men formed lawless bands, robbing and raping and creating chaos. They were called goliards.

In Deeds of Darkness Master Hugh learns that the Bampton coroner, an old friend, has been slain while traveling to Oxford. As he seeks the killer (or killers) he discovers a band of goliards in the area between Oxford and Bampton. But how to apprehend these youths? They have protectors far above Hugh’s station. He must deal with the claims of justice on the one hand and the power of great men to protect their henchmen on the other.

My Thoughts: I’ve actually read a few different books by Mel Starr so I was super happy to be able to get a review copy of Deeds of Darkness, and of course all opinions are my own. I’m happy to report that this book was not a let down!  Hugh de Singleton was an awesome character to read about, I found myself so drawn to him. The novel was absolutely great and Mel Starr left me wanting more!


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